As entrepreneurs, we work very hard to attract people to our work. Your own book, if strategically written and positioned, is the number one thing you can create to get more clients, increase your visibility, and become the “go-to” trusted source and adviser in your field.

When is the best time to publish?

I get asked this question by every author I work with. The answer is vastly different depending on the genre and the results you are seeking for your book.

According to recent industry data, more than half of retail book sales in the US occur only a few months before the Christmas holidays, between September and December. This a perfect time for launching and promoting your book if it is one that fits into the general interest or fiction categories.

What this means for Entrepreneur Authors

While planning a November-December book launch may seem logical in order to take advantage of holiday shopping and pre-Christmas sales, the Entrepreneur Author should consider a more strategic approach – one that aligns their business for list-building and leverages the momentum created during promotional, “best-seller” campaigns.

By launching a book in the early Fall, the Entrepreneur Author is then well-positioned to utilize their book for an essential list-building campaign that should occur one to two months ahead of an end-of-year program or product launch. This is where the BIG money is!

As well, a September or October book launch can accomplish much more than list- building for your business and just a few hundred dollars in book sales, such as:

  • Establishes your personal reputation as a top-tiered expert
  • Elevates your professional brand recognition
  • Creates incredible business momentum, which drives more leads and inevitably, more sales


How to leverage this critical timing to get more speaking engagements

Also important is the increased visibility a book launch can create, (particularly if the book becomes a best seller) enabling the author to leverage this success to obtain speaking engagements for 2017, which are being booked between now and the end of this year, in most cases.

Creating this much visibility and momentum so early in the 4th quarter also positions you as a much more attractive speaker going into the next year, especially if you are fortunate enough to attain the “holy grail” of book publishing….”Best Seller” status. To date, 100% of my clients have become Amazon Best Selling authors, the majority climbing to the #1 rank. These are the types of Entrepreneurs who are sought after speakers for live events, podcasts, media and article interviews, and more.

At this very strategic time of year, event planners, conference coordinators and summit organizers are hard at work seeking out and booking high quality, industry experts for their events. Being a published author – especially a best-selling author – will get your foot in door, if not standing on their stage.

How YOU can get your book written and published THIS Fall

Your book, when strategically structured and positioned, has the potential to become the ONE ESSENTIAL tool that helps you create a 6-7 figure business.

For many authors, especially first-time authors, writing can take months and sometimes even years – especially if you are attempting this journey alone, without guidance, support, or a proven strategy for creating the momentum you need.

Now is the time to set yourself up for a successful Fall promotional period. Get your own lead-generating book done quickly and in time to take full advantage of this golden time of year!


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book-shelf-349934_1280Did you know too many books can create writer’s block?

Deep down inside you have a desire to write a book. It’s not something you announce to everyone but you’ve told your friends and maybe a couple of mentors and yet, it’s not written.

Maybe you’re clear what the problem is or perhaps you are just feeling stuck.

I’ve had many clients share this desire to write a book and there’s one common theme I see with them and it’s a cluttered office or/and too many books. I’m not just talking about a bookcase full of books, rather overflowing throughout the house.

You may be surprised when I tell you that an overload of books can actually cause writer’s block!

In the book Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, Karen Kingston explains that when you hold onto books it doesn’t allow you to create a space for new ideas and ways of thinking to come into your life. Your books symbolically represent your ideas and beliefs, and when you have too many of them sitting on bookshelves, you block your own creative ideas from flowing through you.

As I begin helping my clients clear their bookshelves I ask them, ”why are you holding onto these books?” They reply with things like, “I need them, I like to refer back, I love their ideas, I have to learn more.”

Here’s something I have learned even about myself is that we tend to think we don’t know enough!

We always think we need to take another class, read another book or get another certification. The truth is you know more than enough, but you’re scared to trust yourself and the knowledge you have to share. So, you continue to buy book after book to fill this void.

And here’s what I see, the book never gets written, the new project never takes off, the career change never happens. It’s time to recognize you are enough and start writing the book, start the business, or interview for the new career. You can take the first step by letting go of the books you have to affirm you have the information you need within you.

Let’s get started:

1) Start by selecting one area of your bookshelf, review the books.

  • Have you read it in a year?
  • Do you reference it frequently?
  • Do you have a friend or colleague who might enjoy this book?
  • Keep books that represent who you are today and who you will be in the future.

2) Create piles

  • Books you are keeping
  • Books you will read in the next 30 days
  • Books for donations

3) Donation ideas

  • Donate to Libraries. The library will sell them and the money goes to help fund the library. I do this with the Stamford library in Connecticut, they have a used bookstore in the library and I know the sales of the books help fund the library so I feel good about donating.
  • Pass along to friends, family or co-workers. When I worked in corporate America I actually created a section in our office called “Take a Book, Leave a Book”. Everyone loved the idea and since many commuted to work people would come from other departments and take a book. It also helps to learn more about each other. You will be surprised what people like to read.
  • Donate children’s books to schools, daycares or after school programs.
  • Gather some friends and host a book sale.
  • Sell them on Amazon. I do caution this one, if you don’t have time or energy to do this ask yourself if it’s worth the money.

Letting these books go also helps you relieve the pressure and stress you are putting on yourself that you really need to know “this or that,” or that you will somehow become more credible.

It may feel scary to let go of your books, but if you haven’t used them or read them in years pass them along to someone who could value them even more. Feel good that someone else is getting use out of them and you are letting go of the pressure to read them. I would like to highlight this, that buying more books is also putting more pressure on you and if you are already limited in free time, why are you creating more work for yourself?

Once you’ve cleared out your books, create a space on your shelf to display your book. Take a book, maybe your favorite author or the book you love and cover it, create a cover with the title of your book, add your photo and your name. Place it on the middle shelf to honor the present energy.

To set you up for further success, organize your bookshelves into themes. If you’re writing a book and you have books you need to reference, group them together. Creating this flow will help you feel more organized and allow the creative energies to flow more easily.

By just moving around the energy in your space, you will feel energized and feel like you have a new space. You can repeat these steps every couple of months to feel inspired when things start to feel stagnant.

cb162.hr1Feng Shui expert, Christine Bove, inspires successful women to allow their creative energies to flow into their environments, images and mindsets to improve their confidence, bring clarity to their future and set them up for success. Sign up to receive her 5 Feng Shui video tips at



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