We’re looking for a few EXPERT writers to partner with in our EXCLUSIVE Instant Insights™ Book Series and we are inviting YOU to participate.

We’re excited to announce the creation of a new fact-only, short-read, book series written by ESTABLISHED EXPERTS in 5 specialized categories. These high-value, high-quality “Harvard Business Review Guide” or “Cliff Note” style books will be approximately 100 pages long and can be produced in ONLY 6-8 weeks, from concept to launch. This book series will be available in BOTH PRINT & eBOOK formats!

Apply today if you are an established expert in one of these 5 key categories:

  • Business, Entrepreneurship
  • Wellness, Health
  • Relationships, Family
  • Spirituality
  • Empowerment, Motivation

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The application process is open NOW… 

Are you a Speaker, Expert, Coach, or Entrepreneur?

  • You need to establish your EXPERT STATUS – RIGHT?
  • You need MORE CLIENTS – RIGHT?
  • You need a BOOK – RIGHT?


stack-of-booksWhat’s the difference between a standard every day book and a LEAD GENERATING BOOK?

A traditionally published book can be a great marketing tool if you’re fortunate enough to get a contract with a traditional, big name publisher. How cool would it be to stroll down the aisles of Barnes & Noble or your local book store and see your very own book sitting there on the shelf next to best-selling authors such as Deepak Chopra, Guy Kawasaki, James Canfield, or Tony Robbins? Can you feel the goose bumps you’ll get when you can point out your own published work and modestly whisper to the book browser standing beside you “That’s my book right there – I’m an Author!”

  • But did you know that it can take up to 18 months before your book is actually published?
  • Did you know the Publisher makes most decisions on cover art and titling?
  • Did you know traditional Publishers don’t involve you in many of the decisions regarding your book?
  • Did you know that royalties are usually paid only twice per year?
  • Did you know that Author royalties typically amount to between $2-$3 on a book sold in book stores for $29.95?

With the success of Amazon, self-publishing your own book provides wonderful options. You can actually write and publish an e Book in only a couple of days and be collecting royalties the very next month. With Amazon you’ll get paid every month, and you will average the same in commissions as you would with a traditionally published book. You get to choose your selling price and you can even change it whenever you want! You can even make revisions to your eBook like updating the content, changing the cover, or even the title on the fly. Global distribution and instant delivery to eReader devices makes self-publishing an eBook as well as a print book the perfect strategy for anyone looking for a quick and flexible way to communicate their unique message all over the world.

But wait a minute…

If you’re a Professional Speaker, a Marketing Expert, a Coach, or an Entrepreneur Author, you need more than just a book with a message if you want to get more clients, make more money, and build your business.

Entrepreneur Author EliteYou need a LEAD GENERATING Book!

A LEAD GENERATING BOOK is structured differently than a traditionally published book or a typical, standard Book.

By effectively planning and formatting specifically for generating leads, your book can drive more pre-qualified clients to your website than any other method of lead generation – at little or no cost!

When strategically written, buyers of your book will know, like, and trust you before they even click through to your website.

Once your LEAD GENERATION BOOK is published, it will continue to send your qualified clients forever – on autopilot!

The best part is that you can create a LEAD GENERATING BOOK without having to compromise your original content or your message.

Get the guidance and tools you need to transform your business using LEAD GENERATING Books.

The opportunity to write and publish your own book is easier now than ever before. There is absolutely no risk, no financial investment, and the best part – you won’t be rejected by another literary agent or publisher ever again!

You can instantly be on the same selling platform as major publishing houses and best selling authors. By self-publishing your Book with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Apple iBooks you will have instant access to over 400 million customers who already have credit cards on file.



“Robbin Simons has fast become regarded as the go-to expert sought out by Professional Speakers and Entrepreneur Authors seeking the mentoring they need to create their own LEAD GENERATING books.”

How can writing a LEAD GENERATING Book help you grow your business?

  • Amazon Publishing is automatic – Once you launch your Book, Amazon takes over everything! They manage the sales, marketing, payment processing, customer service, SEO, tax collecting, delivery – EVERYTHING!
  • Amazon is GLOBAL! You will have the opportunity to reach people all over the world.
  • You can even have your Book printed easily and inexpensively through Create Space, the print-on-demand company owned by Amazon.

Did you know:

  • During the first 3 months of 2012, eBook sales were $282.3 million, whereas hardcover and paperback sales were $655.9 million. This means that eBook sales now account for 30% of total book sales! Association of American Publishers
  • eBook sales have GROWN by 28% while hardcover and and paperback sales DECLINED by 7%
  • In August, KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Select books enrolled in July earned 77% more royalties from paid sales than the three months before they were enrolled in the program. TechCrunch
  • “Google and Amazon both have the same end goal, to be the destination that people go to to do their product searches, and Amazon’s winning that battle,” said Michael Griffin, founder and chief technology officer of Adlucent, which does search marketing for online retailers and formerly managed Amazon’s paid search. New York Times

Together, we will work to create your own personalized plan for successfully writing, launching, publishing, and promoting your book. I will keep you on the right path, ensure you are always moving forward, and help you to create your own prosperous future. In the mean time, please enjoy my free gift to you – My “Easy Book Creation Tool Kit” which you can download right now. Simply register at the top of this page!

Everyone needs a LEAD GENERATING Book, and I can help you create yours!

Wishing you inspiration & success always – Robbin