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Did you know.....

  • Traditional publishing can take up to 18 months or longer AND requires an established platform to be picked up?
  • Traditional publishers don't involve the author in many of the decisions regarding your book, like editing, cover design, promotion, etc? 
  • Traditionally published authors typically make only $1 per book in royalties for each one soldl?
  • If you are fortunate enough to have your book be picked up by a tradional publisher, chances are you may lose your intellectual property rights? This means you can never use the content within your book to create programs, products, workshops, or retreats from it.
  • 80% of want-to-be authors will never make their book dreams a reality?

BUT, with the right guidance, tools, and training, you can not only write the book you have been wanting (and trying!) to write for such a long time, but you can also use that book to grow your business, get global exposure, and help more people who are looking for someone just like YOU to solve their problems and improve their lives.

“In this day and age, if you are an entrepreneur with a message to share, you simply must have a book. You need a lead-generating book that will draw readers deeper into your work. With Robbin's expert guidance, I was able to not only create a best-seller in both the Transformational and Self-Help categories using content I already had, but we also achieved a 40% conversion rate from book purchase to opt-in. We now have a generous influx of new members into our community who have already experienced the value of our work and are far more likely to become high-level clients in the near future. ”

- Ronda Wada, 
Best-Selling Author-preneur, "Overcoming the Challenges of Change"

Your exclusive boutique-style, concierge VIP service includes...

Everything you need to go from idea to published in as little as 90 days, including:


Distinguish yourself from the masses 

  • Consultation on content strategy for your ideal reader and perfect client 
  • Structure your chapters and your book for lead generation, ensuring alignment with your market place and your message
  • 1-on-1 check-ins to keep you on track 
  • Unlimited email access

This is what makes all the difference

  • Sentence problems,  such as fragments and run-on sentences, always keeping in mind, however,  the writier's style
  •  Subject-verb agreement problems
  • Word choice issues - Is there a better word than the one the author has used, or is there a redundancy issue - a word that's being overused? 
  • Punctuation problems
  • Overall consistency in both content and style
  •  Readabilty issues - Our editor tries to get a feel for the the author's voice as soon as possible so that, when a sentence or paragraph doesn't read well, he/she can fix it while still keeping the voice intact. 
  • Spelling corrections

Professional layout and file conversion

  • 2 ISBN numbers—One for your eBook, one for your print book—registered to YOU, not us
  • PDF file for print-on-demand publishing on Create Space
  • .Mobi file for Kindle eBook publishing
  • Integration of video and audio files

Professional cover design that represents you and your brand  

  • Wireframe for interior
  • eBook thumbnail image for Kindle 
  • Full jacket including front, back, and spine for your soft copy book
  • 3D book image for marketing materials
Amazon Author Accounts Set Up

Making sure you have complete control of your rights, royalties, and content

  • Set up of your own Amazon KDP account so 100% of book royalties go directly to you, not us
  • Set up of your own Create Space account so 100% of book royalties go directly to you, not us
  • Set up of your sales page for both Amazon and Create Space
  • Set up of your Amazon Author Central profile page to include your pre-recorded branding video, blog feed, and Twitter feed


  • Email templates for requesting endorsements for the cover of your book
  • Email templates for requesting reviews for your Amazon sales page
  • Done-for-you email launch annoucement
  • Done-for-you cut & paste social media posts

We're committed to creating best-selling books!

  • Management of 5-day Amazon Free Days event
  • Promotion to our own Crescendo Publishing community via a solo email announcement + social media platforms
  • Social media advertising for 5 days of the campaign
  • Posting in our 84+ social media groups on both Facebook and LinkedIn

NO ONE can promise to make you a best-seller, but we stand on our reputation and can honestly and legitimately tell you that 100% of our Author-preneurs have been Amazon Best-Selling authors as a result of our launches.


This is truly a transformational experience....

  • Map out every chapter in your book
  • Outline all the content 
  • Determine the best lead generation strategies to include to entice your reader and where to place them for the highest rate of conversion

We'll spend a half-day together to set the stage for your new book and set you up for writing your book easier and faster than you could ever do on your own. 



  • 1 Page book landing page, ensuring the consistent branding  with your book cover, including integrated purchase links and an email opt-in form
  • Creation and set up of your email subscriber opt-in form
  • Creation and set up of a 3-part email lead nurture sequence
  • Press release prepared and released to 11,000+ news sources

Most of our Author-preneurs choose this option simply because it's just something they know they need but just can't wrap their head around the email sequence. Plus,  quite honestly, it's a whole lot of work—but we don't mind at all. 
It's what we do and we love it!


Our Author-preneurs are loved—ALWAYS!

  • Participation in the annual Crescendo Publishing 99 Cent Event 
  • Promotion of your program or product launches in our newsletter
  • Interview for our  iTunes podcast, "The Authorpreneur Spotlight"

Here are some of the other cool things we do, if and when you need them

  • Ghost Writing
  • PR Services
  • Audio book 
  • Transcription services
  • Book interior images
  • Website header with book cover image
  • Social media package, including Facebook header with book cover  and social media book promo graphics
  • Web site design
  • Social media strategy
  • Media page set up
  • Speaker page creation
  • Author biography writing
  • Business growth mentoring
  • Cover design
  • Editing
  • Interior design, layout, and formatting
  • Amazon Best Seller Campaigns

Any of these services can be purchased as required, anytime!


The Concierge Service for Writing, Publishing + Promoting Your Own Book that's
Structured Specifically for Lead Generation

Contact Us at to schedule your book strategy consultation today!

Here's what some of our best-selling Author-preneurs are saying...

  • "Sincerest thanks to Robbin, for her amazing support and inspired guidance in the development and publishing of my book. Robbin is a true professional in every aspect of her business. From day 1, her detailed proposal, contract, timelines, and follow-through assured me that I was working with the very best in my endeavor. She exceeded my expectations!
    Hope St. Amant
    Best-Selling Author, "Shoot for the Moon"
  • "Robbin Simons is the real deal! She will not only support you to write the book you have always wanted to write, but she also works her magic to drive your sales and convert registrations on your website. Robbin is a joy to work with—professional, supportive, and she makes the process fun and accessible. I highly recommend Robbin and Crescendo Publishing!"
    Rick Boniec, MEd.
    Best-Selling Author, "The Seven Generations Story",
  • "Best decision I ever made! If you are sitting around thinking you want to write a book one day, make it today and let Robbin show you how easy it is!!"
    Jodi LaBossiere
    Best-Selling Author, "In Your Face: The BADASS Lifestyle Guide for the Empowered Woman",
  • "In 3 hours working with Robbin, I had my book title, chapters, and subject matter outlined. I wrote my book in only 5 weeks (part-time) and became a #1 Amazon Best-Seller by my very first day of the launch. Pretty sweet!"
    Wendy Darling
    Best-Selling Author, "The Miracle That Is Your Life",
  • "Working with Robbin was the most pivotal decision I made in my business. As a new entrepreneur, I didn't know very much about list building, online marketing, etc. Together we repurposed an existing academic work and she turned it into a best-selling eBook. And with her conversion strategy for opt-ins, overnight I went from having an idea to having a business. I can't recommend her enough!"
    Nafissa Shireen,
    Best-Selling Author, "Is Success Making You Fat?",
  • "Robbin has the 'golden formula' for combining authorship and entrepreneurship into a lucrative venture. She helped me turn my dream of becoming a published author into reality. Plus, she took all the guess-work out of the entire process and beautifully navigated all the details. The icing on the cake is that my book became an international best-seller!"
    Meriflor Toneatto
    Best-Selling Author, "Money, Manifestation and Miracles",


The Concierge Service for Writing, Publishing + Promoting Your Own Book that's 
Structured Specifically for Lead Generation

I have not worked with Robbin Simons, but I wish I would have known about her when I self-published my very first book.  I did not get a fraction of the support and expert advice that Robbin offers her clients.  I’m blown away by all the value and support.  I’ve known Robbin for more than two years and watched her deliver best-seller after best-seller for happy, satisfied clients. You can bet that when I publish my next book, Robbin Simons will be the first person I call!
Joy Chudacoff, The Leading Expert on Business Success & Lifestyle Design for Women 
CEO, Smart Women Smart Solutions 


Contact Us at to schedule your book strategy consultation today!

Learn from a recognized expert

You'll be in good hands during the retreat!

  • 100% Success Rate in Creating & Launching Best-Selling Books
  • Multi-Time Best-Selling Author
  • CEO Space Speaker + Faculty Member
  • Award-Winning Entrepreneur

What you should know about Robbin & Crescendo Publishing...

Crescendo Publishing is a boutique-style publishing partner for Author-preneurs seeking to build their business and their platform, establish global recognition as the  go-to expert in their field, and make more money doing what they love. 
Robbin Simons, founder and CEO of Crescendo Publishing, is the leading expert on lead generation book publishing and platform growth for Entrepreneur Authors. She is a speaker and expert contributor for many online and offline publications including Today’s Innovative Women Magazine and her weekly iTunes podcast, The Authorpreneur Spotlight .
Her work has been featured on Yahoo News, CBS Money Watch, The Boston Globe, and the International Business Times.
Robbin is also the author of multiple books, including the best seller, “eBook Publishing POWER for Entrepreneurs: SECRETS the Gurus Don’t Teach You”, and is the “go-to” mentor for entrepreneurs seeking to establish expert credibility, build their subscriber lists, and gain global visibility by creating their own lead generation book.
She is the publisher of the bi-weekly online eZine “Hot Off the Press”: a publication for all Emerging Entrepreneurs who are seeking easy-to-implement guidance, tips, and support as they grow their platforms and their businesses using the HOTTEST and COOLEST media options available today.
You can learn more about Robbin and all of her Author-preneur programs at

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